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Coupon Journal Help

How much does CouponJournal.com cost?

--- CouponJournal.com is a free service for consumers.

How do I get my name added to your mailing list?

---- To be added to the mailing list enter your email address in the "Subscribe for Free Newsletter" textbox above and click "Subscribe" button

How do I get my name removed from your postal mailing list?

---- We are sorry to hear that you would rather not receive the CouponJournal mailing and we'll miss you. Simply enter your email address in the "Subscribe for Free Newsletter" textbox above and click "Subscribe" button. On the next page select Unsubscribe radio button.

What is a cookie, and what does it do, and how safe are they?

--- A cookie is a very small text file that contains information that your browser needs to remember.
If you've ever used a shopping cart while doing online shopping, you've used a cookie to remember what items you've selected to purchase.

How do I find coupons?

--- You can search by keyword related terms. Keyword searches can be up to 50 characters and you can enter what you are looking for
(e.g. "shoes" will bring up shoes coupons; you can also search for specific merchants).

How often do the coupons change?
- The coupons on the website change daily. Please check back with us frequently to see new coupons.

Worried About Using Your Credit Card Online?

--- Purchasing online with a credit card is very safe if you keep the following in mind:
Secure sites use encryption to protect your information as it is sent over the Internet. Make sure the
site is secure by verifying that the lock in the lower portion of your browser is closed, and that the
URL of the page changes from "http:" to "https:"
Never use a debit card as it does not afford you the same protection as a credit card.
Never give out your social security number or mother's maiden name to a merchant site. There is no
legitimate reason they would need this information.

Happy Shopping!